We Sell Guitars!

When The Guitarist opened for business about 25 years ago, we quickly realized that we needed to stock and have guitars available for sale to our students.  The main reason being that most students do not know what to look for in an instrument.  As a guitarist and instructor, I do know what to look for and can really help make the buying decision simple for my students.  Here are a few thing to keep in mind when purchasing a guitar.

  1. Have the instructor play it first.  Obviously a beginning student hasn't learned to play, yet.  An instructor can play the guitar and get a feel for how easy the instrument plays along the guitar neck.

  2. Sit with the guitar.  I like to have my students sit with the instrument.  I show them how to properly hold the guitar so that they can get a feel for the size of the instrument.  Some students are going to feel more comfortable with a smaller guitar, some with a larger.  One of the biggest buying errors that I see with my students is buying a too big, and too difficult to play instrument.  Usually this error is made because the only consideration was the price of the guitar.

  3. Speaking of price, keep in mind that if you spend $200, $300 or even $500 on a guitar, you really have not spent a lot of money.  A good instrument can be expensive.  However, it is possible to find a decent student model guitar for a few hundred dollars.  Again, it’s important to have someone play it and really check it out.  Just keep in mind, you get what you pay for.  If you buy an $89 guitar online, chances are it won’t play well, it will be difficult to tune, and you will quickly become frustrated trying to learn on this poor quality instrument.

When it comes to buying a guitar from us, you won’t see hundreds of guitars hanging on a wall.  Instead, you will set an appointment with one of our instructors, and they will help you find the best guitar for your budget.  Our guitars are priced the same as what you will find online.  That means you will get the guitar for an online price, and all the service to help you select the guitar for free!

We know that many students think, “I don’t want to spend a lot on an instrument, because I don’t know if I will stick with it.”  Keep in mind, a difficult playing and poor quality instrument may contribute to your decision to stop playing.  It would be better for you to rent a good quality instrument than to buy a poor quality instrument.  If you’re interested in renting a guitar, please contact us to reserve an instrument and we will get one ready for you.

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